Aberfeldy Swift Premium Bird Nest Box

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PREMIUM QUALITY - BusyBeaks Aberfeldy Swift Premium Nest Boxes are made with 12mm birch ply, a smooth and long-lasting material. Each individual part of the nest boxes are not stained, they are dipped by hand in wood oil and left to dry, increasing longevity.

FSC CERTIFIED – This timber originates from responsibly managed, natural forests and is approved by the ‘Forest Stewardship Council’, creating a reliable and safe feeding environment for local wild birds.

STRONG & STURDY – Constructed from durable timber, BusyBeaks Premium Aberfeldy Swift Nest Boxes are robust at withholding strong winds and all weathers, feeding your garden birds all year round.

PERFECT FOR ATTRACTING BIRDS - This traditional nest box is built to last and feature multiple different functions attracting wild birds to nest in your garden. Simply display general BusyBeaks bird feed to attract many different species to come to visit or live in the boxes.

Designed with a 70mm x 30mm entry hole, the BusyBeaks Aberfeldy Swift Premium Nest Box has been designed to be as close as possible to the sort of places they prefer to live. Swift garden birds are usually found flying at great speeds in and out of old barns and nesting way up in the eaves. Modern buildings are not greatly to their liking. Sitting the box is key. It needs to be firmly fixed to a well-sheltered wall, away from strong sunlight, and protected from winds. It should be as high as you can safely get it – 5m is best. Please take care when installing! It has two fixing holes either side and should be securely screwed to the wall. To clean it, undo the two screws on the lower front panel.

Approximate Dimensions: H 22cm x W 46cm x D 22cm