Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

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PREMIUM QUALITY - Highly nutritious and oil-rich seeds which are well known for their popularity among a wide variety of wild birds.


OIL-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY – Rich in oils and proteins, these small meaty seeds are very efficient for wild birds, providing them with the necessary fats and nourishment and strengthening their bodies and feathers.


FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET – Great as part of a year round high energy diet, and contributes well to a balanced meal when mixed with other feeds such as suet pellets, fat based products and Mealworms.


ATTRACTS A VARIETY OF BIRDS – Black sunflower seeds are great for use in a table or tube feeder and will attract many different wild birds such as Robins, Blue Tits, Chaffinches, Blackbirds and others.


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are some of the most popular bird feeds due to being some of the most efficient and widely attractive feed around. These seeds are meaty, providing plenty of proteins oils and fats and can easily be used at any time of the year. Black oil seeds have thinner shells, making them easy to crack open and allowing smaller, soft billed birds access to the highly nutritious seed.


Black sunflower seeds are best used in tube feeders and will attract a great many different types of wild birds. The high fat content they provide is essential for building fat to maintain their warmth and energy throughout the year, keeping them warm in winter when food is scarce, and providing for both them and their young during the breeding & nesting seasons.