Broxburn Bird Table

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PREMIUM QUALITY - Constructed from durable timber, BusyBeaks Broxburn Bird Tables are robust with a solid four pillar design, being able to withhold strong winds and all weathers, feeding your garden birds all year round.

FSC CERTIFIED – This timber originates from responsibly managed, natural forests and is approved by the ‘Forest Stewardship Council’, creating a reliable and safe feeding environment for local wild birds.

EFFICIENT - Once assembled, the free-standing design means the bird table can be moved and placed anywhere in your garden with ease.

PERFECT FOR ATTRACTING BIRDS - These traditional bird tables are built to last and feature a rainproof and protected feeding station, attracting wild birds to feed in your garden. Simply display general BusyBeaks bird feed to attract many different species to come to visit.

BusyBeaks Broxburn Bird Tables are designed, made and finished by hand at woodshops down in Yorkshire. They are all made to protect the nesting bird as much as possible – from elements and from predators – hence the choice of wood, stains and oils. The multiple sections of the nest boxes fit together beautifully, ensuring a long-lasting and truly excellent environment for wild garden birds.

The table should be placed around 2 metres (6ft) or so away from trees and bushes so that the birds have some shelter and protection, but far enough away so that they can’t be ambushed by cats. Bushes will give the birds somewhere to hide, keep watch, even wait for a place at the table if there are lots of birds coming in to feed at the same time. They will also be far more likely to use the table if it is in a quiet place and one not too exposed to the elements, hot or cold.

The wood stains applied on the tables are water-based and non-toxic, these increase weather resistance and longevity. When retreating the table, using a non-toxic, bird-friendly preparation will help give it an extra-long life.

Approximate dimensions when assembled: H 152cm x W 59cm x D 59cm.