Chicken Corn Extra

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PREMIUM QUALITY - BusyBeaks Chicken Corn Extra is made from an enhanced mixture of high fibre wheat, energy filled split maize, nutritious oyster shell grit and tasty layers pellets.

PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY - Rich in proteins, this corn mixture is efficient for free-range chickens. Providing them with both necessary energy and nourishment, resulting in strengthened bones, feathers and beaks. The corn is most effective scattered around to help encourage a natural foraging instinct for chickens.

FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET – Chicken Corn Extra is a complementary mix, offering a premium grade balanced diet for domestic poultry. The corn is full of nutrition, providing carbohydrates to help regulate body temperatures, which is useful during the colder months resulting in a perfect all year-round feed.

PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS -  Due to high fat levels, corn is a great way to tame free range chickens, a handful of corn per hen is the perfect treat to ensure healthy development and tasty eggs.

BusyBeaks Chicken Corn Extra is the perfect blend of nutrients, protein and fat that all free range chickens deserve. Rich in vitamins and energy, offering development for strong feathers, sharp beaks and from hens, tasty eggs. Scatter the corn on the ground to help satisfy and introduce scatch and peak eating for poultry.