Four Seasons Pigeon Corn

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PREMIUM QUALITY - BusyBeaks Four Seasons Pigeon Corn a 100% natural feed mix, utilising the highest quality ingredients to provide a high energy diet, rich in oils and nutrients.

FOUR SEASONS - The fresh feed is perfect when birds are caring for their young chicks during Spring. Provides extra sustenance when the ground is dry in the Summer months. Adds nourishment throughout Autumn for Winter preparation. Gives the birds a nutritious feed to assist through the harsh Winter months when food is scarce.

PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY - This mixture is packed full of high protein ingredients, including, wheat, maize, red dari, green peas and maple peas. All loved by pigeons.

FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET - Pigeon Corn is most suitable as a base product rather than being mixed with other feed. Due to being high in vitamins and fibre, this allows steady development for strong beaks and a healthy lifestyle. Fresh, clean water should always be available when feeding.

BusyBeaks Four Seasons Pigeon Corn is a premium grade traditional seed mix, great for the racing season. The perfect all year-round pigeon corn.

This mix provides a high level of nutrition, boasting a high protein formula including wheat, red dari and maize, alongside other desirable ingredients to round out the feed for a hearty and balanced diet.