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Hen Sized Oyster Shells (Tubs)

Hen Sized Oyster Shells (Tubs)

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FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET - BusyBeaks Hen Sized Oyster Shell Mix should always be readily available for poultry in their runs and pens. The grit improves digestion as it is very easy the peck away at. Due to being high in calcium and trace element minerals, this allows steady development for strong bones and beaks.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Oyster Shells are a 100% natural grit mix, utilising the highest quality ingredients of soluble and non-soluble grits to help maintain healthy and developed poultry.

NUTRITIONAL INFO - Due to being high in calcium and nutritious minerals, this allows steady development for strong beaks, tough bones and large eggs. This mix will also help reduce feather-pecking - a nasty trait poultry pick up due to lack of feed.

BusyBeaks Hen Sized Oyster Shell Mix is a premium-grade traditional mix, great for producing high quality eggs from your poultry. The mix includes two main minerals, Soluble - Soft calcium grit which dissolves in the birds system ensuring development and production of strong shelled eggs and Insoluble Hard Grit - which has a grinding action in the gizzard area, enabling complete digestions of all feed.

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