Mealworm Suet Filled Coconut Halves

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PREMIUM GRADE COCONUT BIRD FOOD - BusyBeaks Mealworm Filled Coconut Halves are made from an enhanced formula of Suet, containing high-oil seeds and corn, coated with tasty dried mealworms. These coconuts are ideal for feeding all year round and due to being 100% biodegradable, there will be no mess left behind in your garden.

HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS BALANCED DIET - These coconut halves provide a highly nutritious snack packed full of various proteins, minerals, oils and fats. All necessary for the strong growth and development of wild garden birds - especially during the breeding & nesting season.

NUTRITIONAL INFO - Each Coconut Half contains, Fat 30.0%, Protein 8.0%, Moisture 7.4%, Ash 0.9%, Crude Fibre 0.6%

BIRDS TO LOOK OUR FOR - Mealworm Suet Coconut Halves are a great choice of bird food for the garden as it can be hung up on branches/feeders or simply left out on bird tables to attract a variety of wild birds, all shapes and sizes, such as finches, blackbirds and starlings.

BusyBeaks Mealworm Suet Filled Coconut Halves attract a large variety of wild birds due to their size and having the ability to hang them from trees and feeders, allowing the birds to feed safely. They are stuffed full of a blend of suet, dried mealworm, sunflower seeds and cereals oats, providing the birds with a balanced meal consisting of the proteins, fats, oils and minerals essential to their health and well-being.

Each coconut half is 100% biodegradable, so no mess will be left behind in your garden space. Be sure to look out for finches, blackbirds, starlings & many more to fly into your garden for a feast!

Mealworm Suet Coconut Halves are great all year round snacks, providing healthy fat reserves for wild birds during the colder months and aiding their search for food in the spring and summer during the important breeding & nesting seasons.

All quantities of halves will be supplied in a clear, reusable bag. Which can be stored away very easily.