Mixed Suet Pellets (Tubs)

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PREMIUM QUALITY – Soft, high energy pellets made with a blend of Insects, Berries and Mealworms for a quick and tasty treat that will keep the birds coming back for more.

PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY – Made with natural insect and mealworm protein alongside a variety of essential fats, minerals and sugars to provide a boost of energy for wild birds all year round.

HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS BALANCED DIET – A great choice for tube and ground feeding, as they are soft and easy to eat and carry, contributing well to a healthy diet for both fledglings and adults alike during the breeding & nesting season.

ATTRACTS A VARIETY OF BIRDS – Quick and easy to eat, these suet pellets are designed to appeal to all manner of birds from larger birds, to smaller soft bill birds like Thrushes, Starlings and Robins.

Made with a selection of high protein ingredients, these suet pellets are designed to provide a rounded and complete diet for birds that are easy and quick to eat. Mixed suet pellets are made with natural insects, mealworms and berries which contribute to an essential blend of proteins, fats and minerals to offer a high energy option for any time of the year.

Suet pellets are designed to be soft and moist making them easy to eat for any type of wild bird, and is especially important for soft billed species such as Robins, Starlings and Blackbirds which may struggle with some other types of food such as shelled or hard seeds.