Parrot Food (Tubs)

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PREMIUM QUALITY - BusyBeaks Parrot Food Mix holds a variety of protein-filled ingredients to help keep your parrots fed and occupied. This mixture also ensures both mental and physical stimulation that parrots require on a regular basis.

FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET - Rich in vitamins C and B6, this parrot food mixture contains essential nutrients to help maintain a healthy brain and blood vessels.

ADDITIVE FREE - Designed to be supplemented by fresh fruit and vegetables, this sound base feed mixture is additive free and cleaned to 99.9% purity, creating a highly nutritious meal for your parrots.

RECOMMENDED - This Parrot Food mix is recommended for Pionus, Macaws, Conures, Senegals, Amazons, African Greys and more.

BusyBeaks Parrot Food Mixture is made with an enhanced formula, including the following ingredients: Striped and white sunflower seed with safflower seed, whole maize, whole oats, pale skin peanuts, monkey nuts, pine nuts, chillies, flaked maize, flaked peas, puffed maize, puffed wheat, naked oats, buckwheat, and red dari.

Avian nutritionists, breeders and bird-keepers are learning ever more about the food needs of these splendid birds and the nutritional benefits of some foods vs. others. Hence, even a traditional base mix should be upgraded as our knowledge grows. This excellent formula has 16 ingredients. It should be fed with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Supplied in sealable and reusable clear plastic tubs.