Parrot Fruit (Tubs)

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PREMIUM GRADE PARROT FRUIT - BusyBeaks Parrot Fruit Mix holds a variety of protein-filled ingredients to help keep your parrots fed and occupied. This mixture holds exactly what birds need for richness, nutrition, palatability and also both mental and physical stimulation that parrots require on a regular basis.

FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET - This mix contains 5 different types of fruits and nuts, plus a variety of vegetables and seeds that have all been passed to the human consumption grade. This enhanced formula holds over 20 different ingredients with over 50% being fruits, nuts and veg (Detailed contents listed in the description). Rich in vitamins C and B6, this mixture contains essential and healthy nutrients to help maintain healthy brain and blood vessels.

ADDITIVE FREE, 99.9% PURITY - This sound base feed mixture is additive-free and cleaned to 99.9% purity, creating a highly nutritious and healthy meal for your parrots.

 RECOMMENDED FOR - This Parrot Fruit Mix is recommended for Macaws and large Hookbills, African Greys, Amazons and most Parrot types except Galahs.

BusyBeaks Parrot Fruit Mixture is made from an enhanced formula, built up with over 20 nutritious ingredients: Medium striped and white sunflower, safflower, whole maize, clipped oats, pumpkin seed, flaked peas, puffed maize, papaya, banana, currants, pineapple, apricot, brazil nut kernels, walnut halves, peanuts, monkey nuts, pine nuts, chillies, rosehips, carrot.

The perfect feed for various types of parrot. From Macaws and large Hookbills to African Greys and Amazons. Do not feed to Galahs. This healthy and nutritious mixture is additive-free and cleaned to 99.9% purity ensuring the best quality feed for your birds. All ingredients have been tested to human consumption grade.

All sizes of feed will be supplied in a clear, reusable tub. Which can be stored away very easily.