Premium Plastic Fat Balls Feeder

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PREMIUM QUALITY - BusyBeaks Premium Plastic Bird Feeders have a tough and sturdy structure with stainless-steel handles. This will ensure long-lasting, efficient feeders for your garden birds.

EFFECTIVE IN ALL WEATHER - Standard feeders are rust resistant allowing them to be placed outside in all weathers, the base of the feeders are sloped with drainage holes, allowing any rainwater that gets in to be drained away.

VARIOUS SIZES - Both Standard and Large sized fat ball feeders are available.

APPROXIMATE LENGTH - Including handle the overall length is around 30cm (Standard)

BusyBeaks FatBalls Feeder - the feeder has a powder-coated carbon steel wire tube. With a strong plastic lid and base.

To fill the feeders, just lift the lid, then replace when done. Hang all feeders at least 1.5m from the ground and away from bushes or trees for protection. Remember to clean and disinfect feeders and trays regularly.

Standard Feeders - What’s the best way to put food out for birds? In feeders, hung on tall, strong thin poles which cats can’t climb and situated around 2 metres or so from trees or bushes for protection. This is the original of our feeding station. Two of these will take our full range of feeders – peanuts, Niger seeds, seed and blends, fat balls, suet pellets and sunflower hearts. These are all strong and well-made feeders, with specific features for each type of feed. And by the way, once you’ve started feeding and putting out water, don’t stop. The birds come to rely on you.