Robin & Songbird Seed

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PREMIUM QUALITY – BusyBeaks Robin & Songbird Feed contains a carefully crafted mix of natural ingredients, creating a fresh seed mixture that is free of husks and germinating seeds, perfect for hungry wild garden birds.

PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY - Rich in vitamin C, this food mix is a great source of both protein and energy, maintaining your garden birds’ health, flush feathers and sharp beaks.

FEED AS PART OF A HEALTHY, BALANCED DIET - This nutritious and premium-grade snack contains high content levels of fat, oil and mineral, supplying a healthy boost for your garden birds, all year round.

NUTRITIONAL INFO - The Robin & Songbird Mix contains, Starch Carb 45.5%, Fat 33.0%, Protein 16.5% and Ash 5.0%

BIRDS TO LOOK OUT FOR - This mix will attract various small and slender beaked birds such as: Robins, Linnets, Mistle Thrush, Wrens and Pipits. Also suitable for: Tits, Finches, Bramblings, Buntings,  Dunnocks and Yellow Hammer.

Specifically designed for Robins, BusyBeaks Robin & Songbird Mix can also be fed as an all year round, high energy feed for all birds. It includes pinhead oatmeal because this provides high energy plus essential high carb - it is chopped to a pinhead size for all small and slender beaked birds. Sunflower hearts are from the black oil sunflower so have the highest available energy values of all the sunflower varieties. Gammarus is a small dried shrimp which offers high protein values similar to mealworms which also have high fat and good insectivorous protein. Peanut granules are very fine grade pieces of peanut including the nib, which is the part of the peanut containing the highest levels of nutrients. It is critical that whole peanuts don't get into this blend which would put the smaller birds and fledglings at risk (whole peanuts shouldn't be fed from a table or tubular feeder). We sieve all chopped peanuts before they are added to make sure that whole peanuts aren't included.

Other healthy ingredients within the mixture include: Suet Pellets, Ash Berries, Currants and Red Millet Seed. As a result, this feed is rich in vitamins, proteins and oils to provide a balanced and complete diet for wild garden birds.