Suet Fat Balls

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PREMIUM QUALITY – High quality suet fat balls made with energy-rich fats, cereal oats and seeds without any bulking or waste products.

PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY – These fat balls help provide a high fat diet ensuring that any wild birds visiting your garden receive a quick energy boost during all seasons.

HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS BALANCED DIET – As well as providing a great deal of high energy fats, these suet balls are also a great source of the oils and proteins necessary for the growth and development of fledglings during the breeding & nesting season.

ATTRACTS A VARIETY OF BIRDS – A quick and easy meal, these fat balls are soft and tasty and provide a balanced diet to a variety of birds such as Blackbirds, Finches, robins and many other large and small birds.

BusyBeaks Fat Balls are an easy to eat and very popular treat, they are a great choice of food that is suitable for a wide range of birds. They are made using a mix of highly concentrated and refined fats along with a mix of cereal oats and sunflower seeds providing a high energy, protein-rich diet that contributes greatly to the dietary requirements of birds throughout the year.